In 2018, The Block was founded to broaden access and reduce misinformation around the buzzing digital asset ecosystem. I joined the team shortly thereafter, inspired by its shared desire to package credible, well-researched information and deliver it simply and seamlessly, a vision summarized well by our original slogan — Crypto Simplified.

Two years later, The Block’s focus on accessibility and on efficiency in delivering information has remained, but our audience’s set of interests has grown, and so has our range of products and content. Today, we maintain the initial commitment to keep it simple whenever we can but now, we also offer premium, comprehensive content in our featured pieces and research reports. …

Since the earliest days of The Block, our successes have been rooted in the caliber, experience breadth, and tenacity of our staff.

2020 has especially brought this to light. We’ve seen new and seasoned staff members execute on a number of growth initiatives and projects — ranging from an industry-leading research report on central bank digital currencies to new webinar series to a soon-to-launch data dashboard — that have helped bring subscription levels to all-time highs and traffic to millions of readers a month.

But we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Our hypothesis at The Block is that crypto-assets and blockchain technology will ultimately touch all corners of finance, from payments to trading to asset management. We want to be the single best source of news and information about the rapidly-evolving digital asset ecosystem. …

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Since Day One, The Block has been fearless, seeking to bring vital journalism, research, and analysis to readers and the crypto community. In five months, we have grown from one brave researcher to a team of tenacious global crypto natives who are always-on, expert communicators. We have broken market moving news stories, created numerous industry maps, released novel data-driven analysis, and conducted significant deep dives on projects, protocols, people, companies and more.

The Block is the first and final word on the digital asset ecosystem. We create significant value that sets our community apart from the rest. Our readers may choose to invest in (or avoid) a project, discover the right company to work or partner with, learn why a certain cryptocurrency may be more interesting than they previously thought or be first to learn about a breaking story. …


Michael McCaffrey

CEO @ The Block

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